I recently had the pleasure to spend an evening drinking with some adorable critters in San Francisco. How did this happen?

Well, I'd been reading a lot recently (online) about the death of journalism, and I became interested in what people actually want to read (online). While the answers didn't surprise me (celebrities, casserole recipes, new iPhone rumors, celebrity casserole recipes), I was curious about what I could contribute.

Something wildly popular yet appropriate for a drinking forum, something journalistic without sacrificing artistic integrity. And then it seemed so obvious: kittens with cocktails.

A note on the photos:
Luckily, most of our models have already found homes, but I've included links to more pets below. If you're not in the market for a pet, but want to support some amazing people who are doing a lot with a little, here's where you can donate to SF Animal Care & Control and here's all of the animals they have currently.

Now, enjoy these pictures and maybe share them with your mom. She'll appreciate it.

First up, Churnish enjoying the 19th century classic, the Manhattan.


He's a stoic, elegantly authoritative senior, and his black-with-white-chest-star pattern is often referred to as a tuxedo, which only adds to his aura as the world's most adorable criminal mastermind.

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to…pet me! Sassy!
Adopt Churnish here!

Here is Pineapple, the cockatoo, starting off her night with a Negroni.


For a social butterfly like Pineapple (who loves climbing on people), a perfectly balanced Negroni is the only way to start an evening out on the town.

Pineapple has already found a home, but there are still birds available.

Here we have Nugget and Flash, two best bud guinea pigs enjoying a traditional bourbon Old Fashioned.

Which one do you think is more of the Don Draper type?!


OMG did you say Nugget, too!?

These guys are taken, but check out all the other tiny, furry critters available.

Here's what you all came for—kittens!!! And a Gin & Tonic. But Kittens!!!



Popeye (top) and Hawkeye (bottom) are 2.5-month old siblings. Like all kittens, they exist on a steady diet of raw sugar, an evolutionary development which allows them to spend 100% of their time running in circles until they fall asleep mid-stride.

Anyway, these sweet little guys already found homes, but the good people at Animal Control wanted me to let you know they have a lot of kittens right now; a veritable king's ransom of cuteness, a plethora of whiskers, an awwvalanche of adorableness.

Here's Jay C, the bunny, enjoying her own take veggie take on the classic Manhattan.

Jay C is a shy and sweet 3-month old female. This eligible bachelorette's interests include leafy greens, quiet rooms and hanging out with you while you binge-watch Netflix and eat ice cream on a Friday night. Bestie alert!!!
Adopt her!

Last up is Gracie, a medium-sized Shar Pei mix, jumping for joy and enjoying a classic Old Fashioned.


Gracie is a sweet, playful troublemaker who loves people, petting and mugging for the camera. Selfie Alert!

Gracie has found a family, but there are a lot more dogs who could use a good home.

Final note: It should be obvious to you, but the only intoxicant these animals were given were scratches behind the ears. Anyway, if you want to read some other articles I wrote that required quasi-legal notices, you can learn how to light a bar on fire or make a cocktail with flu medicine.

(Photography courtesy Tim Nusog)

Thank you again to San Francisco Animal Care & Control. Make sure to check their site regularly—new animals arrive daily.