Summer is here! Time to celebrate with the most popular cocktail you've never had. Properly made that is. If you want a bit of trivia that'll really raise eyebrows at your next cocktail party, try telling people that a daiquiri doesn't have strawberries in it. Or pineapple. Or mango. Or any ingredients other than rum, lime and sugar for that matter.

Basically, a daiquiri is nothing more than limeade with rum instead of water. But don't let it's simplicity make you overconfident. While it may be easy it make, it's just as easy to screw up. In this video we cover the necessary steps towards making a pitch perfect daiquiri as we raise a glass to summer's ultimate thirst quencher.

Classic Daiquiri Recipe:

2 ounces white rum (recommended brands: Flor de Cana 4, El Dorado 3, Cana Brava, Banks 5 Island)

.75 ounces fresh squeezed Lime juice

.75 ounces 1:1 simple syrup or large barspoon of superfine sugar

Shake with ice like your life depends on it.

Strain into frozen cocktail glass.

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