Well, I feel proud of introducing to you all, my first cocktail as a contributor for Drinkwire at Liquor.com.

This is also my first official post in my blog :)

When thinking in a cocktail for Mother's day... the first thing that came to my mind was: how do people usually celebrate such a lovely event? ... besides that "giving presents" thing, people eat and drink, oh yeah! and they do it a lot.... as everyone would be a mother.....it does not matter if you are a guy, you eat and drink to honor your mom, yes sir!.... So, what do people enjoy drinking along with a "massive meal"?.... mainly lunch, at least in Peru.... However, the ultimate trend is to go for a huge breakfast or also known as (a.k.a) BRUNCH!!!....

Then my brain was led to think what do people usually can drink - in alcoholic terms - when brunching... there was only one word that showed off in front of my mind: C-H-A-M-P-A-G-N-E.....

Of course that was the key.... sparkling wine :D.... It is common to find that in brunchs, all inclusive drink offers serve Mimosas and Bellinis as the shinning stars.

Since it is not innovative to copy or do the same stuff that already exists.... I went to pinterest to get some ideas, so useful indeed, since i collected lots of recipes that included champagne as main ingredient. One called my attention: the Strawberry Mimosa....as many of my female followers might suposse, it is about a Classic Mimosa variation that adds strawberries ... Now the mission was to make something like that but at Sybil's style.... what can i add or change? why not experiment with something different?

Suddenly, i thought why not use sort of different sparkling wine, no prosecco, nor asti.... then a Ruby color idea invaded the thinking scene.....

At the beginning i thought, sarcastic btw, "Wow Syb, such an innovation ...!!!"... but then i replied myself : "hey gurl it is better than nothing!!!"

So here is the recipe of my Rubyberry Mimosa.... and Ill detail how in the process I actually innovated my initial idea....

Ingredients (for 3 flout glasses)

  • 5 big strawberries (put them in the freezer for abt 1 hour)
  • 3.5 ounces of orange juice
  • Champagne: Riccadonna Ruby (chilled for abt 4 hours at least)
  • Ice
  • Simple Syrup - as I am in Peru i used: "Jarabe de Goma"
  • 3 strawberry halves


In a mixer, blend the orange juice, strawberries and ice until the mix becomes smooth

Try the "smoothie" if it is so acid (it depends on the strawberries), add one spoon of syrup (jarabe de goma) and blend again.

In a chilled flout glass pour the blended smoothie, add the Ruby champagne (abt 1 ounce) per glass, stir a bit but avoiding the bubbles and foam to fade.

Decorate with the strawberry halves (as in the picture).

And Voilá! It is ready to "Chill" indeed!! I just hope that next Sunday to be sunny enough...since this cocktail is to be drunk cold.... it has the ideal quantity of alcohol, not strong nor that soft....

I hope you try it at home, and tell me how it went!!

I suppose if you are one of my "male followers"and not that keen on Bar tending, the best thing that you can do to get you mom "tipsy and happy" is to get her a Stella Artois or Corona, and drink with her.... without watching the game! unless she is willing to! hehe .....

This is enough by now, but i promise to post again this week, I already have on mind what to write about....

Gotta go, have a great week people! and enjoy that crazy little things that are at the reach of your hands...

Make everyday counts!!!